Our Approach


Simple Process


During this phase, it’s crucial that our team learns about your goals to determine options on how we can get you there. This also allows you to learn more about our company and how we can best be of service.


You’ll have the choice to pick one of our proposed options or craft your hybrid approach to partnership. We work creating a seamless working environment for our teams to increase productivity and success.


We understand results are needed on your timeline. Our management team ensures this by staying intimately involved and communicating updates to your standards to keep the project on target.


A product is never finished, but if requested, we’ll finish our part and do a complete handoff. However, we’re also happy to stay on board and support post-launch at whatever capacity you need.

Flexible Engagement Models

Staff Augmentation

Need help scaling your team? Tell us what skills and culture fit you’re looking for, and we’ll provide candidates for you to choose from.

Project/Product Management

Don’t have the resources to manage your project? We’ll take the requirements and deliver a full product ready to be launched.

Custom Hybrid Delivery

We also work somewhere in between staff augmentation and full management. This offers you the ability to stay as involved as you’d like.

Advanced Methodologies

Our first and primary goal is always to follow the direction of our clients. However, when called upon to offer our expertise, we’ve found that specific methodologies have a much higher success rate, and we are always happy to implement these processes for our clients.

Our teams work within the schools' Design Thinking and Agile/Scrum Development. We’ve found that these two methods of design/build are the most effective way to produce products that not only meet a team’s metrics for success but also are loved by our client’s customers. Ask us more about why we subscribe to these processes; we love to talk about them.

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